Our Vision of the World

Nimest aims to bring the world closer , and erase time differences. Using an app available in your cellphone, the traveller will be able to talk and interact with historical characters. As you walk trough your destination we ll be invited to learn more about your destination! This will be made by mixing one of the ancient forms(storytelling, wich is the foundation of mankind ) and the most advanced tools in our time, like 3d , and augmented  reality. Browse to our page to know more!

Augmented Reality

Between the fusion trough augmented reality and 3d, you can , using your phone , navegate trough the city and get to know more about it trough the life of some of the most important and interesting caracters. Let s imagine that you ve just arrived in Porto, we could talk to the great writer Camilo Castelo Branco , and see what we could offer you as an guide advice!Join the adventure!


Knowdlege should be fun! Knowdlege should be entertaining !We believe that it can be artistic,too! So we re working for storytelling and theatre, merge with tecnology in an cinematic way!


Storytelling is about myths, facts, creation and preservation. At Nimest,we work with knowledge in a playful way,like in theatre!