Nimest Tech is a studio focused in designing and developing applications that use 3D avatars to perform different tasks

Nimest vision is to use technologies such as Augmented Reality Glasses and Mobile Platforms, and Holographic Displays to create digital humans to perform tasks in different fields such as education, customer service, tourism and communication.

Besides our expertises in the most advanced development tools in the market, we are also creating our own tools. With them, it will simpler to integrate distinct Artificial Intelligence Services into Digital Humans, capable of understanding, and showing emotions and body language.

We develop for

Mobile Augmented Reality

Mobile AR is one of the most explosive growth areas for AR applications currently. It takes advantage of the widely distributed base of hardware such as smartphones and tablets and it takes advantages of developer packages suck as ARKit for iOS™ and ARCore for Android™.

Augmented Reality Glasses

AR Glasses are wearable glass or head-mounted devices which overlays digital content on top of the real world. Therefore, they enhances the user’s experience rather than replacing it. Our capabilities include Microsoft Hololens™, Magic Leap One™ and Lenovo ThinkReality™

Holographic Displays

Holographic display technology transforms any window into a dynamic transparent display. Using a proprietary nanoparticle formulation, our ClearBright™ enables vivid projection on transparent surfaces. Nimest offers ClearBright™ screens together with 3D development

Our Technologies

Geo-Located Content

Using Geolocation Technology, we verify where the user is and show the digital content relevant to that specific locations and regions he is in, allowing applications, such as guided tours and targeted marketing among many other, to be much more immersive and interactive.


What is the point to show technology, if your message is not well transmitted? Nimest Tech counts with script writing experts who can translate your message into a story, giving more impact to what you want to say and reaching your goal to amaze your users.

Image Recognition

When pointing with a camera at an object, Image Recognition technology is able to detect it and trigger digital experiences by superimposing digital content onto the image we see through the phone’s camera, adding a virtual layer to reality.

Mobile Development

Our capabilities include not only developing for Augmented Reality, but fully functional Apps, displaying information, playing multimedia and getting the most from the smartphone capabilities, whether it uses Google Android™ or it is an Apple iOS™.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI Cognitive Services, such as IBM Watson™ and Microsoft Azure™ to create 3D virtual Assistant that can interact with your clients on a way never seen before. This technology allows you to give a human face to your chatbot, which can cause much more empathy.

3D Avatar Design

We design AAA-quality characters for Games, AR/VR and Marketing solutions. Our services include character creation, animation, face/body motion capture, and a massive motion library catering to whatever you want to development for.





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